Endostar Sonic Spreader Files

Instruments for irrigation and disinfection of root canals.

Endostar Spreader Sonic Files are instruments recommended for irrigation and disinfection of root canals. They can be used also during the removal of broken instruments from the root canal. Sonic Files can be used only with ultrasound devices.

  • Made of special stainless steel
  • Using the cavitation process
  • Sonic Files are designed to work up and down
  • Files activate the rinsing agent in the root canal

Ultrasound is ineffective in narrow, curved canals because file contact with root canal wall stops its effectiveness. Therefore, use Endostar Spreader Sonic Files in previously treated and expanded canals. It is important to enlarge the root canal to at least ISO size 20.


Instruction for irrigation and disinfection of root canal:

  1. Fill the root canal with wash solution – sodium hypochlorite (circa 1-2 ml).
  2. Enter the file to the canal – 2 mm shorter than the working length (leave a small gap, a small space at the tip/apex).
  3. Turn on the ultrasound device.
  4. Activate hypochlorite for 20 seconds, moving with a small amplitude moves (1-2 mm) with a file Endostar Spreader Sonic Files in the canal. Replace hypochlorite for the fresh one (about 1-2 ml). Reactivate the solution for 20 seconds. Again, replace the solution with the fresh one. For the third time activate hypochlorite for 20 seconds.


Important warnings:

  • Endostar Spreader Sonic files are designed for devices like Endo-Chuck 120° or 95°
    (f.e. Endostar Sonic File Holder 120° or 95°).
  • It is not recommended to use Endostar Spreader Sonic Files for enlarging root canals.
  • It is recommended to rinse the canal with sodium hypochlorite.
  • It is recommended to use ultrasound with minimum power to control the possibility of breakage of the file in the canal.
  • File in canal should be passively moving up and down (never by force) not to succumb to its curvature or stuck in the canal.
  • It is not recommended to use other energy sources while using ultrasonic devices.
  • Ultrasonic files should be placed into the root canal always in standby mode, approx. 1-2 mm shorter than the working length. Only then we could turn on the ultrasound device.


Autoclave in 134 degrees. Recommended sterilization time: 3 minutes at 2.1 bar overpressure.


CE mark


Stainless steel

Size, 6 pcs

33 mm

Assorted 25, 30, 35,








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