Endostar EASYDam

A specially selected set of tools used for placing the rubber dam

  • Only the necessary and carefully selected elements (most popular clamps).
  • The only set on the market with the most commonly used metal frame.
  • German quality and durability.
  • Easy storage - convenient and aesthetic plastic packaging.

Endostar EASYdam Kit contains:

  • Endostar EASYdam clamp, rubber dam matte clamps: #9, #2, #2A, #12A, #13A – 1 pcs
  • Endostar EASYdam clamp forceps – 1 pcs.
  • Endostar EASYdam punch – 1 pcs.
  • Endostar EASYdam latex sheets, medium, blue, for adults, odorless – 36 pcs.
  • Endostar EASYdam template – 1 pcs.
  • Endostar EASYdam frame, metal, for adults – 1 pcs.
  • Endostar EASYfix – 1,5 mm diameter, yellow, small, lenght 4m – 1 pcs.

Endostar EASYdam

The extremely durable and flexible powder-free rubber dam provides comfort for the patient.

  • Very flexible and with high resistance to tearing.
  • Available in three thickness options: thin, medium, thick.
  • Available in two colors: blue and green
  • Very easy to apply

Endostar EASYdam Non-latex

Latex-free, powderless rubber dam with increased flexibility compared to a traditional latex rubber dam. Extremely easy to apply.

  • Much more flexible than a traditional latex rubber dam.
  • Odorless and tasteless.
  • Closely adheres to the tooth.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Maximum stretch guarantees easy application.

Endostar EASYdam Clamps

High-quality matte rubber dam clamps with wings. The matte finish guarantees a comfortable work environment without reflections. This is particularly useful when working with a microscope. The high-quality steel provides high wear resistance and fatigue strength.

9 of the most commonly used clamps:


Endostar EASYdam Frame

The adult-sized metal frame firmly holds the rubber dam in place. U-shaped frame

  • Autoclavable at 134°C.
  • Does not interfere during treatment.

Endostar EASYdam Punch

The Ainsworth punch provides precise punching power for each rubber dam thickness option in 5 different sizes. Suitable for frontal and posterior teeth. The highest quality of stainless steel instruments guarantees precise puncturing.

Endostar EASYdam Forceps

Comfortable rubber dam forceps allow quick and safe transportation, application and removal of clamps.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Matte finish

Endostar EASYfix

The Endostar EASYfix provides support or can be an alternative for traditional clamps.

  • Single-use
  • In a practical container.
  • EASYfix occurs in length 4 m and 2 thickness options: 2 mm (orange) and 1.5 mm (yellow).

Endostar EASYdam Template

The Endostar EASYdam template helps accurately determine the position of teeth on the rubber dam sheet.

  • Very helpful in proper punching.
  • Plastic and durable, easy to use

Endostar EASYdam Napkins

Rubber dam napkins for maximum patient comfort. Napkins absorb moisture and protect the patient’s skin.

  • Protects delicate skin.
  • Absorbs water, saliva, and sweat.
  • Provides a dry contact surface.

Endostar EASYdam

Product code

Endostar EASYdam thin blue, odorless, for adults, 36 sheets


Endostar EASYdam medium blue, odorless, for adults, 36 sheets


Endostar EASYdam thick blue, odorless, for adults, 36 sheets


Endostar EASYdam thin green, odorless, for adults, 36 sheets


Endostar EASYdam medium green, odorless, for adults, 36 sheets


Endostar EASYdam thick green, odorless, for adults, 36 sheets


Endostar EASYdam non-latex, blue, 30 sheets


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #9 - universal clamp for small fangs and anterior teeth, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #2 - universal clamp for biscupids, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #2A - universal clamp for bigger biscupids, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #12A - clamp for lower right and upper left premolars, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #13A - clamp for lower left and upper right premolars, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #7 - universal clamp for lower molars, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #14A - clamp for irregularly shaped, structurally compromised or partially erupted molars, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #8 - universal clamp for upper molars, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Clamp #3 - clamp for small molars, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Frame, 1 sztuka


Endostar EASYdam Punch, 1 sztuka


Endostar EASYdam Forceps, 1 sztuka


Endostar EASYdam Easyfix, yellow, 4 m


Endostar EASYdam Easyfix, orange, 4 m


Endostar EASYdam Template, 1 pcs


Endostar EASYdam Napkins, 50 pcs


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