Эндобокс с инструментами

ENDObox is used for holding endodontic instruments and for their sterilization. A two piece box (bottom and top part) is made out of anodized aluminium and has a movable endodontic insert. All instruments have endostops on the blade.

ENDObox with instruments consists 28 endodontic instruments for root canal treatment:

> 9 rotary files - Endostar E3 Azure (Basic, Big, Small)

> 12 K-files with endostops, length 25 mm and sizes: 06 rose, 08 grey, 10 violet, 15 white, 20 yellow, 25 red

> 6 NiTi K-files with endostops, length 25 and sizes: 25 red, 30 blue, 35 green, 40 black, 45 white

> 1 Endostar Canal locator, length 18 and size: 10 violet

Sterilization in steam autoclave up to 134 C.

Please ensure any solution used is checked for compatibility with aluminium.