Endostar NiTi H-files

Flexibile, invasive instruments with very high cutting ability made of nickel-titanium alloy
Endostar NiTi H-files are flexible, safe and invasive. They are made of nickel-titanium alloy. Their resistance to bending is around 10 times greater than resistance of stainless steel instruments. NiTi H-files are recommended for treatment of curved root canals, which can't be treated with stainless steel instruments. There is no need to pre-bend NiTi H-files. They are very effective and they have great cutting ability.

- precisely cut shape,

- made of nickel-titanium alloy with shape memory,

- very good cutting ability,

- cross-section: 

- extraction of dentin debris improved by increasing feed of cutting edge,

- very good flexibility greater than stainless steel instruments,

- ergonomic handle.