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Azure HT Technology – power color

The heat treatment of Azure HT Technology, which was applied to the nickel-titanium files, changed the crystal structure of the nickel-titanium alloy. As a result, the transition temperature of the martensite phase to the austenite phase was reprogrammed around the body temperature. This process changed the properties of the files. They can be bent before inserting into the channel. Files easily conform to the shape of even very curved canals, minimizing the risk of perforation, step formation or via falsa.

Zestaw wprowadzający, 30/08 (18 mm), 25/06, 30/04, 3szt., 21 mm


Zestaw wprowadzający, 30/08 (18 mm), 25/06, 30/04, 3szt., 25 mm


Zestaw wprowadzający, 30/08 (18 mm), 25/06, 30/04, 3szt., 29 mm



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