Файлы NITI S

The newest generation of files with a great cutting ability. The most effective files, like S-files, are designed as composition of two cutting edges of H-files. They can be used as files (up and down movement in the canal with a slight turn up to 90 degrees) or reamers (360 degrees turning movement in the canal).
NiTi S-files are made of nickel titanium alloy, so they are very flexible and safe instruments. Their resistance to bending is around 10 times greater than the resistance of the stainless steel instruments. They can be used in a very curved canals, which otherwise could not be treated with normal, stainless steel, instruments. There is no need to pre-bend NiTi files. The great flexibility of NiTi alloy instruments minimizes the risk of artificial straighteningof the canal, wedging and perforating the canal. Marked with "NS".