Endostar GUTTAcleaner

Gutta-percha orange solvent.

Product for dissolving gutta-percha filling during endodontic retreatment. It is especially recommended: - in case of difficult gutta-percha removal from curved root canals, - for very well condensed and hardened gutta-percha and sealer removal. Helpful while cleaning of dental instruments from gutta-percha and sealer oddments

Mechanism of action:

Endostar GUTTAcleaner is a solvent. It dissolves gutta-percha and root canal sealer (particularly zinc oxide-eugenol based sealer), making them easier to remove from the root canal while endodontic retreatment.

Technical and medical data EGC:

Composition: sweet orange oil 100%.
Primary package: amber glass bottle with dropper, contains 10 ml of the liquid product.

Directions for use:

Gutta-percha and root canal sealer removal
– Using rotary instruments (e.g. Gates-Glidden drill) remove filling material from the tooth chamber, creating a reservoir for the solvent.
– Place 1-2 drops of solvent into established space.
– After approximately 2 minutes progressively remove softened gutta-percha with endodontic hand file e.g. K-file, adequate to root canal diameter (e.g. ISO 15 or 20) or H-type file.
– If necessary use the next dose of the product, place it in a partially cleaned root canal.
– During the removal procedure irrigate root canals with 2-3% sodium hypochlorite solution.
– Stop using solvent when the endodontic file reaches the distance of  3-4 mm from the root apex.
– Irrigate root canals accurately (e.g. with 2-3% sodium hypochlorite solution).
– Remove remaining filling material using endodontic files and irrigate the root canal thoroughly with 2-3% sodium hypochlorite solution,
– Follow endodontic retreatment protocol afterwards.

Cleaning of dental instruments from gutta-percha and sealer oddments

  • Clean instrument with gauze soaked with solvent,
  • Rinse instrument with warm running water.
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Endostar GUTTAcleaner, 10 ml


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