Endostar NiTi K-reamers

Flexibile instruments made of nickel-titanium alloy used to enlarge root canals
Endostar NiTi K-reamers made of nickel-titanium alloy are used to enlarge root canals. They are more flexible than stainless steel instruments (more than 10 times). Niti K-reamer are the first instruments to enter the root canals. They are recommended to check patency and width of root canals. NiTi K-reamers are used as a rotary cutting instruments. The nickel-titanium alloy is more resistance than steel, therefore instruments which are made of this alloy can enlarge 2-3 times more root canals.

- very good dentin debris removal,

- 3 cutting edges,

- cross-section:

- made of nickel-titanium alloy with shape memory,

- relatively low flexibility better than stainless instruments,

- ergonomic handle.