Endostar NiTi S-files

Extremely flexibile, very effective and safe instruments made of nickel-titanium alloy
Endostar NiTi S-files are made of nickel-titanium alloy. They are extremely flexibile, universal and safe. Their resistance to bending is around 10 times greater than resistance of stainless steel instruments. NiTi S-files are recommended for treatment of curved root canals, which can't be treated with stainless steel instruments. There is no need to pre-bend Endostar NiTi S-files. They are very efficient in root canal instrumentation.

- precisely cut shape,

- made of nickel-titanium alloy with shape memory,

- great cutting ability,

- two cutting edges angled 90° (edges distributed symmetrically at 180° on the long axis),

- cross-section:

- great dentin debris extraction,

- great flexibility,

- non cutting tip,

- millimeter scale etched on the blade (18 to 25mm from the tip), which facilitates the determination of the working length,

- ergonomic handle with ISO symbols.