Pastefillers Lentulo with spring

Spiral, conical instrument, used for filling the canal with pastes, sealers and cements. Paste fillers with spring have an additional, tight spring at the metal handle, for better flexibility and much safer work. The gold colored handle with a ISO size color ring facilitates paste filler localization among other machine instruments. Produced in 4 basic sizes (no 25 - red, no 30 - blue, no 35 - green, no 40 - black) and 4 lengths (17, 21, 25, 29 mm), paste fillers are always packed 4 pcs/box, either assorted (1 paste filler of each size in a box) or in one size (4 paste fillers of the same size in a box). Packed in crystal clear box with silver Endostar label.