Big Apical Files GB

Big Apical files should be used in a situation, when the apical part of the canal is wide and the file number 5 E5 (tip size 20) is too narrow to make a proper apical treatment. The set consists of 4 files, all taper 4, sizes from 35 to 50, length 23 mm. The files have 3 colored rings as in ISO standard (35 - green, 40 - black, 45 -white, 50 - yellow), all come with endostops. The refills are packed in boxes of 6 pcs. They are packed in a yellow box, with silver Endostar label.Working speed of the contraangle/micromoto/handpiece: 150 - 300 rotations/minute.If not deformed, they can be used up to 10 times. GBP