Dental Conference Sofia 2015, 21-22 March

In March 2015 with the support of our dealer Dentacom, Bulgaria, we will participate in Dental Conference in Sofia.

PhD Piotr Wujec will have lecture and hands-on in contemporary endodontics concerning mainly rotary files.

If you would like to follow Piotr Wujec visit his blog in which he publishes most interesting and difficult cases of root canal treatment.


How to defeat difficulties in endodontics.

1. Difficult and abnormal anathomy - how can we beat this problem?
2. Cleaning and shaping extremally curved canals, and S shaped canals.
3. Continuous Wave Obturation - a real 3D obturation technique.
4. Quick reendo - GPR NV system.

Mastering rotary crown-down technique using Endostar files. Hands on course.

1. How to prepare tooth to endodontic treatment.
2. Rubberdam in RCT.
3. Endostar files shaping protocol.
4. Big Apical Files - in wide canals.
5. All about modern cleaning - irrigation and activation protocols.

Hands on:
1. Root canal shaping with Endostar files.
2. Curved canals preparation with combined technique (Endostar/ NiTi Two)
3. Big Apical Files shaping protocol.